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Admission Details

The admission Application form (Annexure-I) & and Declaration form (Annexure-II) can be obtained from the admission offices or can be downloaded from the Institution website.

The filled Enrollment form (Annexure-I) & Declaration form (Annexure-II) with the Demand Draft of Programme fee can be submitted to the Admission offices which are listed in the institution website. Students who are unable to reach the admission offices residing in the Country/ Abroad desirous to join any of the course of this Institution are advised to send the filled Enrollment form (Annexure-I) & Declaration form (Annexure-II) along with the Demand Draft of programme fee through Registered post/courier to the Administration office of this institution.

Applicants should go through the rules and regulations of this institution carefully before filling in the Application Form and enter correctly the course code and the name of the programme.

Application for the admission will be summarily rejected if any discrepancies are found at a later date between the information furnished in the application and supporting documents, such as name of the applicant, date of birth etc and if any untrue information is brought to notice with in stipulated period after admission the same can be rectified.

Recent passport size photographs should be pasted on the Enrollment form and on the ID card space provided for them further two passport size photographs should be enclosed with the Enrollment form.

Self attested photocopy of the marks memo and certificates should be enclosed with the application form for admission.

Admissions cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Candidates / Students who are concerned about statutory recognition need not apply for the Programme

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